Antonio Baldassarre, President Emeritus Constitutional Court: “honest and reliable person”.

Achille Chiappetti, university professor: “a person with great human qualities and vast professional and university experience”.

Lorenzo d’Avack, university professor: “Giuseppe Consolo has intelligence, preparation and tenacity to realize expectations that in the areas of Justice and Education have been disappointed for years”.

Marcello Foschini, university professor: “for many years I appreciate humanity and academic and professional seriousness”.

Irene Ghergo, television author: “a man who has shown so much passion and rigor both in professional activity and in academic activity”.

Nicoletta Odescalchi, entrepreneur: “a great lawyer, a great friend but above all a great person”.

Livia Pallavicino, entrepreneur: “a great friend with truly exceptional professional and human qualities. He is a person on whom I place the utmost trust “.

Vincenzo Stipa, university professor: “I este Giuseppe Consolo, whom I have always known. He is a level character “.

Biagio Agnes, journalist: “an envied professional, a serious person”.

Donato Conte, Monsignor: “a man with great cultural and human skills”.

Brando Giordani, television author: “I got to know the great professional skills of Giuseppe Consolo and to appreciate his humanity and his passionate interest in the problems of ordinary people”.