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Our Philosophy

The Legal Sector has no “won or lost” lawsuit. It has a variety  of individual positions that may be in a  more favorable place or in a less favorable one.

The evaluation of the end result of a lawsuit is made by bearing in mind that what is fair is not a reality although reality is the motivation to move forward.

The outcome of a lawsuit is not the result of good luck or fate.  It is indeed the result of a well planned legal strategy.

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Consolo Law Firm


Consolo Law Firm

International and Local Arbitration

The Consolo Law Firm assists its clients managing of all types of disputes, providing fast and specialized advice in relation to the problem to be addressed, both in national and international legislation. The high level of skills acquired by our lawyers, allows us to prevent the litigation, discouraging the proposition of judgment by the counterpart and facilitating the achievement of conciliatory solutions.

Insolvency & Restructuring

The Consolo Law Firm covers advice Companies on debt restructurings and reschedulings, on Companies business restructuring, M&A involving corporate insolvency, formal insolvency proceedings, out of court debt refinancing....


The Consolo Law Firm provides assistance to clients both out and inside court to leading Insurance Companies in relation to civil responsibility (RCA, RCD, fire insurance policies, accident insurance policies, medical professional liability insurance)


The Consolo Law Firm provides assistance to clients both out and inside court in relation to industrial propery rights (Trademarks; Patents), intellectual property rights (Copyright) and media property rights (Cinema).


The Consolo Law Firm provides assistance to clients in relations to legal labour market services and trade unions contracts, with a tailored solution on employment contracts (for example tender union negotiation and disputes, tender contracts, health and safety in the workplace, etc.)


The Consolo Law Firm provides assistance to Companies, Industrial Conglomerates, Banks, public sector entities, in relation to those activities that are governed or affected by Administrative Law, such as city planning, construction and real estate, energy, environment, sanctions committed by Public Indipendent Authorities....


The Consolo Law Firm provides assistance to Companies and Fisical Persons in relation to the negotiation and execusion of contracts in the widest variety of economic and commercial fields (for exemple general tender, M&A, merchandising and sponsorships, etc.)


The Consolo Law Firm advise clients in their dealings with the Tax Authorities, at every stage of such proceedings, with all kinds of tax law issues.


The Consolo Law Firm provides assistance to clients in company and commercial law, dealing with corporate transactions (M&A, transfert of a Branch of Business, due diligence, etc.)

Victory in court can result from a single intuition, but behind every legal success there are always two elements: careful preparation and team play.