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ConsoloLaw Firm

The  Law Firm was founded in 1970 in Rome and it is still working in a National and International contexts.
Professionality, accuracy and reliability are the leading principles that have driven the Firm to become one of the main non associated Firms in Italy.
We have been trusted advisors to our clients with complicated legal needs, in bad and good times.

The Firm provides legal consulting activity focused on the client, who is helped to evaluate his legal alternatives in a way for him  to reach the most favorable outcome.
There is not only one way to achieve goals and Consolo Firm knows it very well so we work every day harder in order to deliver the best possible results to our clients.
The world is changing very fast and we are committed to stay ahead.




Victory in court can result from a single intuition,but behind every legal success there are always two elements:careful preparation and team play.

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