A fixture Christmas event. As every year since 1971, the lawyer Giuseppe Consolo has organized the traditional bingo game dedicated to colleagues and employees of his office. The Neapolitan origins of the master of the house lorded the event.

About thirty-five guests found themselves “armed” with bingo folders waiting for being able to shout the hoped-for “bingo” and win the precious TV as prize at stake.

Technological tools also for those who have grabbed one of the minor prizes. But before the numbers began to be extracted from the bussolotto, the guests have enjoyed a special dinner based on typical Neapolitan products, while in the background, the artist Franco Tispi, right-hand man of Gigi D’Alessio, sang all the great successes of Neapolitan music. A magical atmosphere that have enveloped especially Sofia Deli, personal secretary of the prestigious law firm and Francesco Rudilosso Consolo, Alessandra Colio, Roberta Bucci, Beatrice Di Giovanni and Bianca Maria Petti accustomed every day to rates and folders. Certainly an amusing evening that took a delicious turn when a fragrant pastiera arrived on the table, welcomed with a joy comparable to that of making bingo.